Well, that’s the last dumb thing THAT leg will ever do.

Previous owner of said leg forgets that gravity and momentum exist, and decides to kick a concrete slat out of a wall.

3 comments on “Well, that’s the last dumb thing THAT leg will ever do.”:

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    Lemmo says:

    My theory holds that people have always been dumb, we now just have cameras and the internet to share the stupidity.

    It didn't kill him. That guy will now have to go through the rest of his life explaining to people why he's a dumbass.

  2. 2
    kalimonster says:

    The part that gets me are the people insisting it's fake because, "there's obviously no leg there, concrete couldn't crush a real leg that much."

    (Of course, it'll turn out to be fake now that I've said that...)

    Sometimes I come very close to recommending people sit down with a stiff drink and a couple Faces of Death movies just to understand how physics and human bodies interact when Hollywood isn't involved.

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    Frankie23 says:


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