My plants are growing.

This shouldn't be post-worthy -- I mean, that's what seeds are supposed to do, once you've plant them -- but my thumb is more black than green. About the only things I can't kill are my mother's Mystery Green Plant(tm) and my jade plant -- which, upon checking Wikipedia for a link, I discover I've been overwatering.

Sigh. Sorry, jade plant.

A week and change ago, I planted pots of cilantro and basil, as well as two pots of 'balcony blend' flowers -- aster (dwarf queen mix), marigold (queen sophia), nasturtium (alaska mixed), and lavatera (silvercup). (Yes, I'm transcribing those right off the seed-packs. Fear my horticultural skillz.) The germination period for all of them ranged from 5 to 28 days, so every time I went out and saw nothing but soil, I reminded myself that I shouldn't consider them dead just yet.

We had rain all last evening and through the night. This morning, I went out to check on them again, and was greeted by dozens of little sprouts and pairs of tiny green leaves punching through the soil.

It makes a girl smile. Here's hoping I don't drown or shrivel them.

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    garrett says:

    awww man I really need to get back into gardening... The only thing I've got growing right now is a monstrous jade plant we rescued from a neighbor's house (before they bulldozed for remodeling), and it's not doing well because it lost most of its roots. Right now it's only upright because it's TIED that way with 30 ft of rope :D

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