The Marital Rating Scale, (c) 1939

Once upon a time, Doctor George W. Crane came up with a merits/demerits rating for wives. Good for a laugh, or tying someone's panties in a knot, or both.

Religious? +10 points. Lets hubby sleep in on Sundays? +1 point. Crooked stocking seams, red nail polish? DEMERIT'D!!!

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    Frankie23 says:

    For some reason, the link to the page isn't coming through on you LJ feed.

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    kalimonster says:

    The reason is long and convoluted, and one of the things on my list of Fine-Tuning What Needs To Be Done.

    I really like the [go] style of linking, and could find no way to accomplish it in WordPress without using custom fields. So, I use a custom 'link' field, and wrote up a little PHP function that grabs the field and lovingly wraps it in square brackets.

    The problem comes in with the LJ Crossposter plugin -- I have to jury-rig it a bit, and I've been stalling out of nervousness, frankly. ;) I'll see about giving it a look today, so folks reading from LJ don't have to click twice to get to the referenced site.

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