Inaugural something-or-other.

I seem to've run out of excuses to stall the (re-re-re-)launch of the site any longer, so here we are.

I've tested in Firefox and IE7. If you're using IE6, you've probably already killed the window or are writing me a scornful, "Your site's busted," e-mail; if it's the latter, I shall smile sweetly and point out it's not my site that's the issue.

There are doubtless glitches and weirdnesses to be found by eyes that haven't been staring at the code for the last five months -- drop me a comment when you find them. Also, before any of my deliciously geeky friends point out that the XHTML isn't validating -- I know. It hurts us, precious. I'm working on it.

The upper left corner is a little bare for now. Links to follow as I generate the Content What Should Be There.

Special thanks and cheeksmoochies to dG for his peer-pressuring, Monsieur Invictus for not dying of shock upon learning I really could RTFM first and ask second, d0rmouse for forgiving the lack of #00999 in this layout, and Lucretius for his patience with my "but what if nobody likes it?!" frettings.

I wanted this to be witty and funny, but I suppose I always do.

Hi honeys, I'm ho-o-ome.

3 comments on “Inaugural something-or-other.”:

  1. 1
    tashe says:

    It's really nice and glambrussly fancy here, geek girl!!!

    YOU WON!

  2. 2
    kalimonster says:

    Aw, thankya kindly, madam. You always say the best things.

  3. 3
    Dormouse says:

    The web is truly a shininger place for the transformed return of these sitemeats. Welcome back!

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